our group

Laura de Sousa Oliveira

Principal Investigator

Laura is interested in using computational strategies towards an atomistic understanding of nano- and bulk-scale phenomena, as well as designing inorganic materials.

Alathea Davies

PhD Student

Ali (short for Alathea) is hoping to use computational strategies to study the fundamental interactions of chemical systems. Outside of school, her hobbies are rock climbing, playing piano, reading Tolkien, and growing herbs and wildflowers.

Simon Beer

Undergraduate Researcher

Simon is hoping to use computational strategies to learn more about artificial intelligence and how that can be used to better society. For fun, Simon likes to play video games, stream on Twitch, watch soccer, and code mini projects.


Debugging Guru

Duckie is an excellent listener, always ready to help the group with debugging.

On its free time, Duckie enjoys splashing and squeaking.